Better than new

Poppie has been sharpening my knives, hatchets and hedge trimmers...(you get the idea) for years. And I've seen what he can do to blades that I thought were destroyed. They come back better than new. 

Tara B Malvern

Happy cook

I’m so glad that I had Poppie sharpen my knives! They are a mixture of age and quality. Most had been sharpened in the past, and I was satisfied with their performance but I didn’t understand the true value of an expert until Poppie sharpened them. I love to cook and I’m so happy with the performance of my knives now! 

Meri M Malvern

Really sharp

He was great and our knives are sharper now than when they were brand new! I didn't realize how dull they were until we had them sharpened! Highly recommend!!

Amy G Exton

Skilled Craftsman

I recommended a gentleman a few weeks back for sharpening kitchen, pen, pocket, multi-tool knives etc, his name is Garrett McDaniel. To date, this pioneer has sharpened over 57 knives of mine. Many of these delicate instruments have come back to life. Some of these knives are worth over 200 dollars apiece, which he was unaware of. These pieces came back to me in pristine condition and in showroom quality. If you are looking for a person skilled in his craft, true to his word, a hand shake guy (better be ready for the grip), you will never find a more solid knife sharpener and a truly a really nice guy than Garrett McDaniel.

Chuck H Exton

Everything looks amazing

After seeing the finished product on my rusty spades, my favorite perennial shovel and my seemingly ancient pruners- EACH & EVERYTHING looks amazing...Garrett did a masterful job with the outdoor tools, but more importantly, my kitchen knives are like new. My favorite chef knife, my carbon steel carving knife and my paring knives cut paper so easily. What a difference this makes both inside and outside of my home.

Rosemary C West Chester

Strongly recommend

Garrett McDaniel just sharpened, cleaned and polished a handful of knives and garden tools for me and they are better than they have ever been! Strongly recommend his service!  

 Don S. in the Broad Run Neighborhood