• kitchen Knives
  • hunting,
  • fishing,
  • buck,
  • pocket,
  • axes, hatchets
  • chisels.

Garden Tools

Hand tools only including

  • loppers
  • pruners
  • shears
  • clippers
  • hoes
  • shovels
  • lawn mower blades.
  • reel mowers


All scissors including pinking shears

Since 1993

My Poppie

About 60 years ago my Poppie Wyman, who was in the hardware business, taught me how to carve a turkey and how to properly care for a carving knife. He gave me his favorite knife as a gift and I still use it today. With proper care a good knife should last several lifetimes.

I became fascinated with maintaining knives and other tools as a hobby and over the last 40 years have sharpened tools for neighbors, family, scouts and many others. I have acquired " state of the art" equipment necessary to do a superior job.


Since 1993

The Tomato Test

Can you do this? Don't try it unless your knife is really sharp.